#6 Use Your Freaking Heads PEOPLE! Hatred & STUPIDITY Reins!!!!!

Hatred apparently turns people into crazy, fanatical, morons. Even if their IQ is above normal, the more hate they feel the lower it apparently drops, except for those really fanatical, evil but intelligent mass murderers who get absolutely giddy over their deeds of evil.

But we must realize that hatred and evil are not the same thing. This is a disgusting example: Jeffry Dalmar did not hate his victims. He may have hated himself at times, but then again probably not. A lot of terrorist probably say they hate who they are killing, but actually are getting the supreme adrenalin high they want, becoming heroes in the eyes of their peers or superiors, or are simply brain washed to believe their God will welcome them into heaven.

What separated the crime in Charleston from the others is that Roof truly appears to hate blacks, (I use the word “appears” because I have no idea of what is going on in the man’s head). But then, as he stated he almost didn’t carry out the attack because they where nice to him, means that he does have the human trait which allowed him to separate out a small group of black people from the group he hates, but not enough to spare them. I bet he experienced confusion at that moment. Convinced of what he thought black people where, this small group did not fit that mold. Possibly adrenalin kept him from thinking this through or he simply did not have the faculties to do so, or he just wanted to get it done with.

His father harped at him about getting a job. In his feelings that blacks where taking over the United States may have given him an excuse, at least to himself, that they had taken all the jobs, at least the good ones. This excuse may have not convinced everyone, but it may have convinced him.

Of course, you have all the black guys raping all the white girls. That happens occasionally and makes the news because its a tastier tidbit then white guy rapes white girl. The truth is this. Most crimes are same race crimes. In other words, white against white, black against black, Vietnamese against Vietnamese, etc. We also have, in certain areas, same nationalities crimes; (i.e. Irish and Italian mafias).

This was a true hate crime (Roof is not guilty unless proven otherwise without a doubt, and I agree because it’s the law). He supposedly dropped out of school after repeating 9th grade. Had little to no knowledge on how to cope with his life situations. So he had to believe in something to help him cope, that made his life this way. So he took his cue from family, friends, neighbors, or just down right fanatics. And that was to blame blacks.

Hate twists your mind and soul.

He is not the only one involved in this crime, but the society he moved in is as well.

One more thing. Everyone is going on about that damn flag. A lot of men, women, and children died for that flag, they did not die for slavery, they died for their country and all who are for or oppose that flag are doing a great dishonorable injustice to those who long ago died for their country, the Confederacy.



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