#16 This latest killing spree sucks.

The only thing I don’t understand about making its a bit harder to get weapons used on killing sprees, is that too many upstanding citizens must have something to hide. I have always wanted an AK type of weapon, We have a m16 style 9 mm. My husband filled out all the paper work and stuff without a problem and bought the gun. Its similar to one I trained on when I was in the reserves. We have had no thoughts at all about going on a killing spree and we have no objection to filling out a longer more intense applications either. Because we have nothing to hide.

We decided to drop membership in the NRA because the top duder and some of the others are a bit radicalize and seem over the top.

What is truly needed is a lobby for better gun applications and carrying out the research on the information put on those applications. Also no one should be allowed to buy a gun for anyone else without that person having all the information needed on the person he is buying the gun for and that it still a bit shaky.

But what we truly need is better behavior health management. The are times when patient to doctor confidentiality is not appropriate. Our society is creating these type of people who want to be notice, who are lonely and feel hopeless and helpless, probably bullied. But going out and killing as many people as you can and then hoping to be killed yourself, what a rush that would be. You’d get your 15 minutes of fame, especially if you kill more. There are signs these people exhibit and more people should be taught how to see these signs. And when the person is younger, he will be better equipped emotionally to hide these signs, but the sicker he becomes as he gets older, the signs are harder to hide. We need to get the population to recognize these signs, and report these signs without hysteria. Mass shooters love the chaos in a shooting spree, makes them feel the the big man.

I used to love exotic weapons and still do, can’t afford to collect. If I had the cash for protection and registration of these type of weapons, then I would have them. It is still our right as citizens to bear arms.

Besides, look in the countries that have gun control and then look at their death rates and you can figure out what each country’s weapon of choice is among the people. If i can’t use a gun, I would get a simple cross bow or a hunting bow, or a shotgun, baseball bat, knife, tiny wire cord to strangle. Or even kill by hand. But they can still get illegal guns. Check that cause of death percentage in these countries, you would be surprised.

People are naive if they think that really strict gun control is gonna work and stop killing sprees. These people have to be stopped prior to getting the weapons and they can buy them illegally anyway. Besides, its Saturday night specials that probably do most of the gun killing.

People need to calm down and think these things through. I would say look to the NSA for security but they have no clue how to use the info they got. Really really sad group of people and they are making it larger.  What a country!!!! What they need is more staff to go through more info with software that triggers on certain words or phrases and pass it along to the newly hired people whose job it is to catch these trigger.

Good grief. It sucks, because the republicans don’t care about anyone except their selves and those big money men/women who support them.

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