5-16-17 I’m BAAACK

Posted by Jo Ann on May 16, 2017 in Trumps an Idiot |

I forgot all about my think tank. I thought i had crashed it and took it down. It’s still here and waiting for me to spill my guts over the child in/is Trump (cuz there certainly isn’t any adult there).

What is wrong with this man. Nothing, if he wasn’t president. But he is. The problem here is that he is egotistical, self-centered, an insecure big mouth maniac with a no self-esteem. This is why we now have alternate facts. If facts don’t make him feel good about himself, then we all better move onto alternate facts. And this is what it’s really all about. Him. Not a great America, not even King of the World. Just him. Either that or he is trying to mimic that North Korean Guy or his good friend, Putin. Putin is ex-KGB for gawds sake and trying to bring the cold war back. Wait, I may have misspoke. It’s already here, isn’t it. And I really don’t know what to say about that North Korean Guy except, has anyone seen his wife at all in the last year?

Trump probably burst a big happy bubble when he told the Russians what the Israelis told our government. And he thought he could get way with it cuz we where supposed to be all smilies over Comey’s firing. Hmmmm, that fact is way to alternate for me. I mean, he needed to be fired for what he did to Hilarie’s campaign, sure. But that doesn’t negate his other NON-PARTRIOTIC boners. And, yes, I said boner. I mean NON-PARTIOTIC.

I wish if Trump really did ask Comey to stop the investigation, that Comey would step forward and say something. But we all know how good Comey’s timing is. Or, we may have to wait until the Billeries run for an office or something. So it may be awhile yet.

Another issue with Trump in office, is that he is surrounded by a bunch ball-less ‘YES’ wo(men). Like that doesn’t interfere with an Intelligent designed mind. And the fact that the Reps seem to be mainly ok with his behavior is frightening.

Actually the situation at this moment in the world is scaring the shit out of me.



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