2020 Should We be worried?

If I where younger, I would pack my bags and move to Sweden and live there. But, unfortunately I am too old and would not be productive enough to justify my cost of living for the government. I am not angry about this. It makes perfect sense. It is just tough shit for me.

Living in Sweden would be about as utopic as you can get. If you are an intelligent young person who has a lot to offer to Sweden, you should move there. My grandmother was from Värmlund, or Varmland as she called it, not sure if my Swedish spelling is correct. My grandfather lived near the Baltic coast(?)

Now on to what I really wanted to say. I can’t believe people seriously feel that The Donald will actually be around in 2020. Hopefully he’ll be impeached, someone takes him out (alive or dead I don’t care cuz he is a treasonous bastard), beside, its up to whoever does it. Hell even a military coup wouldn’t be bad. At least we’d be a lot safer than we are with an egotistical 5 year old with no self-esteem in office.

And I am so repulsed by Mitch McConnell who is an evil evil man. If he thinks he going down in history at a great man, I am sure the people (including me) whose lives he will have destroyed will make sure history remembers him correctly.

Now, as for Oprah. I love her, she is a great person but she should not run for president. She should run for the senate which would allow her to do more good. The 2020 presidential candidates will hopefully be well educated in politics and democracy.

We need a person to run for President who is decent, knows what  s/he is doing and is experienced. That’s why Hilary should have won. Well, we all know she did. I mean she was obviously a big threat to Putin and the rich people who own him. Just like Trump. Any one the Russian’s fear is better than Trump in my book.

The United States is a mess. The one pill I take that actually keeps me alive, and is the only reason I am alive was produced in Puerto Rica. The price of that pill has literally tripled for me. I live on SS. That’s a big blow. And the reason why it tripled is because Trump just ignored Puerto Rica and its American citizens at the the plant that makes that pill is still not up and running. And if I am correct, only half of Puerto Rico has electricity. I am not sure what the drinking water situation is down there.

A big gripe that I have, as well as all the others, is that people need to stop focusing on cow farts and permafrost emissions of methane. Once in the atmosphere it last about ten years. CO2 (I can’t use Alt on my computer for Unicode. Stupid windows uses the alt key for shortcuts that i will never use). Carbon Dioxide is forever. We can focus on Methane later, but everyone should focus on lowering CO2 as fast as we can. And of course on renewable fuel supply.

Which makes me beg the question: Why aren’t we sequestering carbon in areas that we have left empty by taking more stuff from Earth? At least carbon has mass and may be able to prevent things like sink holes. By forcing the carbon in the cracks and other openings left from mining for what ever mineral or substance that leaves a nasty aftermath. Even as we empty the aquifer, there may be areas to sequester carbon in there. And this is pretty much our only option, plus carbon credits and fines.  It’s far from ideal, but at least its someplace we can keep an eye on until we come up with a better solution.

Greenland is melting much faster than thought it could. Fort Lauderdale floods just about every high tide making some the streets closest to the sea impassable. They have utilized pumps, but the pumps can’t keep up with the high tide. Miami is in the process of building a high defensive wall (I think in cement) to be a temporary fix for the future and flooding. There are already displaced populations, I’ll say it again, POPULATIONS, because of the loss of coastal lands and whole islands are flooding or are already submerged.

Now back to the bloody politicians and Trump (and i am including some democrats and not all republicans) are destroying our country. But what upsets me is the evil viciousness and bloodthirstiness of some of the Republicans. I mean it makes me ill to look at McConnell and Trump.

What really pisses me off is the Democrats not making an apparent effort to impeach Trump. If they are, they are keeping it a big secret. A large part of the US citizenry would gladly come together to impeach Trump and part of the them would be Republican as well. We have more stuff on Trump than we did on Nixon. He didn’t get impeached because of being part of Watergate, because he wasn’t. He was impeached for trying to cover it up. I can’t wait to see the movie about how the Washington Post went about publishing the leaked story. Maybe then more people would realize what needs to be done.

And Nixon never did stupid stuff like Trump is doing. He misused his position of power. Trump doesn’t even have a clue about what he shouldn’t be doing.

Bannen may be a good weapon for the democrats.

I also hope all the non-rich people feel really stupid for voting for Trump, because you are.



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