I have been listening to different people talking about AI and how each feels it will be bad or good. But those trying to get across the bad have not been able to make them selves really clear. I hope this sentence gives pause to all on the band wagon, including myself.

AI IS ONLY AS STABLE AS THE PERSON(S) PROGRAMMING IT, OR WRITING THE PROGRAM FOR IT. Even tho its suppose to think for itself, its thoughts can be polluted by the original programming it started with. If one can program artificial empathy, will all produced sentient beings be programmed with it and how to use it? Or will they have Ted Bundy’s kind of empathy to cause ugly things to happen due to charismatic empathy not to do good.

Now having said that, we only have to look at wacky governments (including The Donald who is so wacky he is dangerous, and Johnny Depp had the right to say what he said, but he would not do it, because he seems depressed to me. Trump does that. Trump has made my anxiety and depression harder to deal with.) Enough about Johnny and Me. The Mighty PooTan (Putin in Russian), The North Korean Guy (have you noticed at the Olympics and other people who represent N. Korea sur names are all Kim???? Kinda makes ya wonder) The Chinese, terrorist, mass murders (like in the USA) etc.

The following paragraph is a bit off topic, sort of.

Speaking of these school shootings and what not, lately, I can’t help thinking these shooters are suicide bombers and want The Donald to know their names and that they have gone to battle for him. Monster Masters such as The Donald seem to attract these type of people.  He does have to know he has a civilian army just waiting for orders. Even orders that seem real to the army, but aren’t because Trump is just blowing shit out of his ass.

Back to AI.

I am excited by AI. Back in the 1980s I thought ADA would be the language in which to program AI. I even started to learn ADA. I already knew FORTAN and Basic. As time went on there was less talk of ADA, I realize ADA was not the language of choice.  In the 1970s-1990s we called programming code, languages, I don’t know if all the sorts of code are still referred to languages. After IBM (the cruds) stopped supporting OS2 which i loved, I eventually switched to UNIX. Then, I think, Red Hat or what ever was before. And finally gave up the ghost to Windows 95. It had the software programs that I wanted. All fun of making computers and program was lost. Computers are not fun anymore.

In Windows, you have to use VBASIC 6 to make executable software, because you had to buy it and the license came with it. What you download now for free, is really not made to run as a standalone program, unless you buy a license for it. That is a two way street, protects Microsoft and you, as the programmer. I could never afford to buy a license.

I do not know the name of a specific language or code that is being used for AI now. I’ve kind have lost tract. BUT, ideas and safety issues are still the same. I wouldn’t mind messing around with programming AI on a very basic level. Hmmmm its a thought, I can make up a program so me and the computer can talk, maybe become friends and socialize. I can see me now, carrying my computer on the back of my horse as I trail ride with others.

One more ugly that can rear its ugly head. The artificial sentient, that learns on its own, will interpret what it learns according to it original programming. You can think of it’s original programming to get it started as it’s primitive brain. Will it learn to be ultimately good (a possible bad for humans) or ultimately bad or under control of someone or something ultimately bad (still bad for humans.)

What can we do. Well, I did love Issac Asimov, read a lot of his books, hated the Foundation series, he has gotten a bit more morose with these books. And I loved his “3 Laws of Robotics” but there are many ways a sentient robot could translate these laws. With sentience comes different ways of thinking,  confusion, misinterpretation and so on. This will happen in AI if left on its own. That in itself is a law. “The Law of Artificial Intelligence Anthropology.”(as coined by me, Jo Ann Anthony on “my think tank is rolling over” on April 3 2018)

Its exciting but really scary. Remember the movie “Wall-e” about the little compactor robot. Remember all humankind was taken care of by robots and how humans turned out?  Wall-e’s programming was to be a trash compactor, but the the self learning process that he was programed with, jumped past the stop gap for learning, and increases his ability to think more freely and have better problem solving skills. That was not written into his program, but it happened. And why? Because he was able to think.

“I think, therefore I am”. This not only applies us as humans, but to AI Sentient beings. It took a long time for us to get where we are, but in geological time, its going to be a nanosecond programming true AI.


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