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Trump digs shitholes

Trump is a jerk. He’s talking about shithole countries!!!!! He’s digging the hole here so we are well on our way to being one of his ideas of a shithole country. But he has the shithole and he should put his in it.

Just look at the latest New Yorker magazine cover. It’s soooo funny its sad.



2020 Should We be worried?

If I where younger, I would pack my bags and move to Sweden and live there. But, unfortunately I am too old and would not be productive enough to justify my cost of living for the government. I am not angry about this. It makes perfect sense. It is just tough shit for me. Living […]

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5-21-17 Watercolor painting with ink and pencils

Posted by Jo Ann on May 21, 2017 in Uncategorized |

I am in the process of putting up another blog about about my experiences of learning to paint again. 45-40 years ago, i painted with watercolor and ink. But I knew nothing. The paintings where fine, I was just using paints from Murphy’s and Murphy Mart. Now I am learning about paints, paper, brushes, blends, […]


MAY 19, 2017 The Three News Headlines from my Computer today.

May 19 2017 Disclaimer: These are the opinion of my board, me and probably a few million folks. We cannot be held accountable because, dare I say it, Trump’s an idiot. Someone needs to go over the rules with him again and this time explain them in 9th grade terms. Give the guy a break. […]

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5-16-17 I’m BAAACK

Posted by Jo Ann on May 16, 2017 in Trumps an Idiot |

I forgot all about my think tank. I thought i had crashed it and took it down. It’s still here and waiting for me to spill my guts over the child in/is Trump (cuz there certainly isn’t any adult there). What is wrong with this man. Nothing, if he wasn’t president. But he is. The […]


#17 oops, there goes another one.

As anyone ever thought of somehow, infecting isis recruits on the boarder of turkey with cholera or some nasty bug that hits fast and hard. Its not like all of them will die, but it sure would slow them down a bit. I have compassion, but I just can’t squeeze isis or Putin (at this […]


#16 This latest killing spree sucks.

The only thing I don’t understand about making its a bit harder to get weapons used on killing sprees, is that too many upstanding citizens must have something to hide. I have always wanted an AK type of weapon, We have a m16 style 9 mm. My husband filled out all the paper work and […]

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#15 Thanks be to the Goddesses: Trumps Numbers

I truly hope that the polls are right about Trumps numbers falling. Such a relief. I wish that Paul Ryan could run for pres. Or at least be the winners Vice Pres. Isn’t today we find out about the house speaker vote…can’t wait to see it. I hope Cruz would just drop out of politics […]

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# 14 Scarey Thought Trump Is

Posted by Jo Ann on October 22, 2015 in It might be a wee bit political, Possibly controversial, Trumps an Idiot |

I realize that Trump is a sexist, which his daughter doesn’t seem to mind, but she doesn’t have to because she is his daughter. My problem is Trump actually becoming president. If he wants to make a law where women and cross dressers have to wear heels (spiked would be great) I am all for […]

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# 13 The Sorry, Stupid, Unfeeling Things People Say During Personal Crisis

Posted by Jo Ann on October 22, 2015 in Possibly controversial |

I was thinking, watching Joe Biden all this time, still mourning Bo’s death, and started listing things that people say to those in personal crisis, death, dying, etc. It’s not that the people speaking are being unfeeling, they just feel at a loss of words to say to the person(s). Which is ok. But as […]

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