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#12B Good Grief, I forgot about climate change.

Posted by Jo Ann on August 31, 2015 in Uncategorized |

I am also for trying to reverse some of the symptoms of climate change as we try to overall, slow it down.

The Glaciers melting breaks my heart. They are fresh water, they help keep the earth cool by reflecting sunlight, and they are the biggest symptom of all, as they disappear, our water becomes less salty and the earth warms. And these two effects are so calamitous for us as inhabitants of this planet.


#12 I am thinking of running for president, yeah, for real.

Posted by Jo Ann on August 31, 2015 in Uncategorized |

But i don’t know how to start. I know i would have to get a start up fund to pay for traveling and a couple of decent outfits. Hilary seems to be wearing 4 or 5, so that would be cool. Don’t really have anything appropriate for campaigning. My agenda would be fixing tax break/holes, […]

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#11 What office is Trump running for?????

I can’t help but follow the debacle (or as Charlie Rose referred to it as the new reality TV show, “Trump and the Republicans”.) Then add Bilary and the email saga and i just wanna puke when it comes on. puke puke puke. So, what office is Trump really running for??? Besides showing he has […]

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#10 Charley Rose is the Best.

Posted by Jo Ann on July 23, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Loved it when Charley Rose said the business of what was going on was like a reality show of Trump and the Republicans. That really cracked me up.


#9 Never Mind, Ya Ain’t Gotta Love Donald

Posted by Jo Ann on July 22, 2015 in Trumps an Idiot |

Donald Trump is an asshole and a fucking idiot, with stupid hair. What can I say.


#8 Ya Just Gotta Love Donald

Posted by Jo Ann on July 20, 2015 in It might be a wee bit political, Trumps an Idiot |

Ya just want pinch and twist little his cheekies until he screams, he’s so cute.  A Veteran at the Burgh VFW convention said he was thinking of voting for him because of his business acumen. But he has his doubts now. You can have great business acumen but be a fool and/or just totally insane. […]


#7 YOU GO TRUMP!!!!!

Personally, I feel Trump’s brain is in a dump. But a republican on TV said Trump is gonna kill off the Republican party. So you go Trump! Keep up the stupid things you say. Alienate all the immigrants!!!! Maybe finally we can get Estados Unidos on the right track. OMG!? Did I say United States […]


#6 Use Your Freaking Heads PEOPLE! Hatred & STUPIDITY Reins!!!!!

Hatred apparently turns people into crazy, fanatical, morons. Even if their IQ is above normal, the more hate they feel the lower it apparently drops, except for those really fanatical, evil but intelligent mass murderers who get absolutely giddy over their deeds of evil. But we must realize that hatred and evil are not the […]


#5 Ok Let’s Attack the Pope because he wants us to clean house!

Posted by Jo Ann on June 17, 2015 in It might be a wee bit political, Possibly controversial |

First off, Trump is an idiot. Why does he have to stick his face into everything. As for the pope, he has someone in his group trying to squelch the Pope from stating scientific fact about Climate Change. They must be from the rich religious groups that are creationist. Makes ya wonder how they became […]


#4 OMG its Politician Competition Time AGAIN!!!!!

Posted by Jo Ann on June 14, 2015 in It might be a wee bit political |

I cannot believe that its time for politicians to come out and make asses of their opponents and themselves. Its so upsetting I can’t stand it. I mean, the commercials AAAAARRRRRGGGGGH. I know that was tacky but how else can I scream on line. (i don’t do video) It wouldn’t be so bad if they […]

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