5-21-17 Watercolor painting with ink and pencils

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I am in the process of putting up another blog about about my experiences of learning to paint again. 45-40 years ago, i painted with watercolor and ink. But I knew nothing. The paintings where fine, I was just using paints from Murphy’s and Murphy Mart. Now I am learning about paints, paper, brushes, blends, […]


#12B Good Grief, I forgot about climate change.

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I am also for trying to reverse some of the symptoms of climate change as we try to overall, slow it down. The Glaciers melting breaks my heart. They are fresh water, they help keep the earth cool by reflecting sunlight, and they are the biggest symptom of all, as they disappear, our water becomes […]


#12 I am thinking of running for president, yeah, for real.

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But i don’t know how to start. I know i would have to get a start up fund to pay for traveling and a couple of decent outfits. Hilary seems to be wearing 4 or 5, so that would be cool. Don’t really have anything appropriate for campaigning. My agenda would be fixing tax break/holes, […]

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#10 Charley Rose is the Best.

Posted by Jo Ann on July 23, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Loved it when Charley Rose said the business of what was going on was like a reality show of Trump and the Republicans. That really cracked me up.


This belongs in a crafty type blog, not here, but too bad.

Posted by Jo Ann on June 11, 2015 in Uncategorized |

This is the first yarn that I made on a spinning wheel from wool. I spun the yarn, plied the yarn and then dyed the yarn. My, I was a busy girl wasn’t I. I don’t know how to put a pix in a blog post so it will be following as a comment.

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